Friday, May 15, 2009

angels and demons

watched ANGELS AND DEMONS.. it WAS AMAAAZING.. watched it with a friend who failed several times on assuming who the bad guy was.. um well early in the morning i stopped by joan with an old friend. ACTUALLY it was pretty funny.. early in the morning, bumping into my ex with my ex HAHA, and the funny thing was that i didn't even notice it till after staring at both of them for a good 2 min feeling like something is up.. well the point was that i had to get my summer school forms--OH and as a side story.. so me and old friend were walking together from the school.. i caught a glimpse of an old.. letssay.. rival? er well some chick that i dont dislike or like and the fact that i have a bad history, errsay.. well rep, with my old friend.. doesn't help that we're walking together, and im very sure that some type of rumor is going to start and i'm not gonna know about it, haha FML--, went out w/ rents n grandrents fer a bit, loafted & even got to watch a pokemon movie, then went out to watch angels and demon.. WHICH IS AMAZING.. like i said earlyer. now waiting patiently for Inglorious Bastards to come out..

ARGH. boys are complicated, girls are worst.. sometimes i question why i bother with liking both.. just way to lazy to explain what i just said.


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