Monday, June 29, 2009



Friday, June 26, 2009

true blood

after watching the first episode of true blood AND the first 2 minutes of the second epsiode.. i dont think i can look at porn OR vampires the same way ..


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


on that b.o.b tip.

well its almost july and i'm pretty sure its gonna be very stressful.. and i wont even be home. since my summer school is 3902423984 miles away from my house im gonna be staying at my cousins place pretty much for the month, it'll be like kingsway.. well acutally nothign can compare to kignsway, this is more like a long slumber party.. with a shit load of studying and reading.. ah whatever.. it'll pay off for next year, either a spare or photography, comp tech design, er music.. ah i wish i had first semester music though, it seems so fun.. stupid kingsway had to have a shitty band ): .. on a different note, i'm failing at being a vegetarian .. i think im going to start.. TOMORROW. if not then the next day.. etc..


Sunday, June 21, 2009

last night..

my weekend has been insaaaaaanely busy.. even to the point where my clothes are all over hte floor.. leaving my whole clearning day a waste .. WELLLLL.. my room is clean just not the floor.. cause you cant see that.. but yeah, so i slept over my OLDOLDDD bestfriends house after the crawford grad cause it was late.. and well it was acutally really good, caught up and talked, n for once i acutally REALLY REALY wanted to stop drinking, smoking.. etc. well not at once cause thats just going too fast.. but one step at a time kinda thing.. just calm down for a bit and get back to the summer where i strived myself to go to church, when i started to read the bible every night and choose a favourite verse kinda thing ALSO i think im gonna go back to the vegetarian thing too.. haha well it worked for am onth till i decided to eat meat once a week.. but thats not working, especially cause i am filippino and there will always be chicken adobo on the table.. we'll see how this goes (:


Friday, June 19, 2009

update 1.5

well i still havn't fixed it but yeah.. i decided to take my last vent post out i did a few min ago cause i'v calmed down .. guess i just needed that music therapy.



wanted to try somethign out .. but it looks kinda weird.. i'll fix it when i have time


Thursday, June 18, 2009


[ now i just refuse to be your typical ordinary, run-of-the-mill, garden variety lover .. ]

musiq soulchild, like an addiction of sleeping pills just for the mind.

so it took me a good 5 hours to clean my room, and i sorta still am cleaning .. well i keep getting sidetracked.. like now, and its been a YEAR since iv FULLY cleaned my room, but anyways, it was a good idea, cause i found an sd card thats been under a bunch of my ex's shit fer a good 2 years, i also found some costa blanca heels i didn't kno about, i found some christmas cards i forgot to give.., i found a shitload of full tissue boxes under my bed(explains why i dont have any tissue in my room, and if i do, its toilet paper), I FOUND MY FRIGGING POKMEON PEARL GAME filled with hacked stuff i thought i'd never get back, and i found my fav exacto knife w/ the extra blades. i'm on a roll (:

i also found a razer(UN-USED), i dont shave cause i dont gotta.., so.. ALL YOU GIRLIES W/ HAIRY LEGS, or whatever you gotta shave.., GET AT ME !

last but not least.. i found my all black adidas SHOE i ahvn't seen in 2 years, and it still looks new .. i tried looking for the other one, but all i found was dust bunnies and half of my cat..