Wednesday, June 24, 2009


on that b.o.b tip.

well its almost july and i'm pretty sure its gonna be very stressful.. and i wont even be home. since my summer school is 3902423984 miles away from my house im gonna be staying at my cousins place pretty much for the month, it'll be like kingsway.. well acutally nothign can compare to kignsway, this is more like a long slumber party.. with a shit load of studying and reading.. ah whatever.. it'll pay off for next year, either a spare or photography, comp tech design, er music.. ah i wish i had first semester music though, it seems so fun.. stupid kingsway had to have a shitty band ): .. on a different note, i'm failing at being a vegetarian .. i think im going to start.. TOMORROW. if not then the next day.. etc..


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