Sunday, June 21, 2009

last night..

my weekend has been insaaaaaanely busy.. even to the point where my clothes are all over hte floor.. leaving my whole clearning day a waste .. WELLLLL.. my room is clean just not the floor.. cause you cant see that.. but yeah, so i slept over my OLDOLDDD bestfriends house after the crawford grad cause it was late.. and well it was acutally really good, caught up and talked, n for once i acutally REALLY REALY wanted to stop drinking, smoking.. etc. well not at once cause thats just going too fast.. but one step at a time kinda thing.. just calm down for a bit and get back to the summer where i strived myself to go to church, when i started to read the bible every night and choose a favourite verse kinda thing ALSO i think im gonna go back to the vegetarian thing too.. haha well it worked for am onth till i decided to eat meat once a week.. but thats not working, especially cause i am filippino and there will always be chicken adobo on the table.. we'll see how this goes (:


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