Friday, June 5, 2009


this week was aight.. scary shit went down a few days ago.. ah.. two more weeks of this school then im out MAAAAYNE.. then back into a different school for summer school ): shit it took me 2 hours to figure out how to register online.. and it ended up with me using the printer.. in which i dont have.. well i do just.. it cant relaly be plugged into my laptop.. FML! .. well whatever.. this week my science presentation from the earlyer post went pretty well.. apparently i did good till i said participation instead of precipitation.. like reeally?? does it matter.. they both sound the same.. but ANYWAYS. today i caught up with ALOT of people, most of them not in person but i bumped into a 2 of my old elementary school friends.. ugh my past is digusting i hate thinking bout it ): .. well yeah, but other then that today was nice.. wwalked the dog with my babe, it was pretty fun (: warm too .. but i STILL feel fat.. i really needa get back on running..


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