Monday, June 1, 2009

getting there..

i aaam .. slacking once again .. i have a little more than an hour to finish my science presentation that was due last week .. yup .. well today was very interesting .. i did something that i said i wouldn't do ): im so stupid.. i dont know what im doing with my life. well whatever .. first time for everything .. ahh but now my head is throbbing .. funny thing is, i realized how bs this school is.. i dont even kno if people here are just like shit to happen so they over exagerate(iuno how to spell, to lazy to check lol) or im just being lied too, and its another immature-getting-drunk kinda thing .. for one thing .. its a shit load of people saying one thing, comparing to someone who'd never lie to me .. ugh my head hurts too much to think about it, and i acutually care bout all this cause I DO care for this person that is being targetted(well i dont know if targetted is the word. . i dont even kno if it IS a word). anyways, i just found out that exams are in two weeks WHICH MEANS. vlogs for exams (: .. this time i will be posting it up and i wont be lazy,so anybody in the video .. dont get mad at me this time .. well can't really write much cause i really dont have time, plus i've forgotten half of my day .. but STARTING TOMORROW i will begin my self discipline and stop drinking and such, cause all this is making me slack, get lazy, and drool all over my science text book.
so easily sidetracked.

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