Saturday, June 6, 2009


so i just realized i'm really young comparing to my old barkada ): .. and i realized my summer is piling.. so things i must do/have for the summer:

-summer school at e'z - ONE MONTH
-oshkosh - ONE WEEK
-camp olympia(hopefully) - ONE WEEK
-volunteer for blind camp - ONE/TWO WEEKS
-volunteer for vbs - ONE WEEK
-get my lisence somewhere after my birthday
-get a job and EARN money
-run missions to chill with friends ):

on top of that.. its either i go with my plans.. or throw it away and go to vegas for the whole summer.. WHICH SOUNDS SO VERY LOVELY.

summer responsibilities.. or my getaway i've been asking for too long now, plus i'll be able to be there to support my ateh ..

now i'm patiently waiting for my babe ..


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