Wednesday, June 17, 2009


SURVIVED THROUGH EXAM WEEK, actually iuno but this year it just seemed more chilled, didn't have to study much but i still got the basics down, which was mostly the whole exam. soo i'm content with the effort i put in it. messy fight, but cleaned it up.. i think, pretty sure.. i highly doubt i'll be in a relationship status, haha. part of being YOUNG, i mean its neither mine or the other persons fault, its what it is, itssss .. uh, something thats not supposed to be touched during these busy times, whos there to blame. once again SUCKS FOR ME. i just need to unpack, settle down, get myself together and do my shit.

whatever school years done, now i'm just stressing over what i'm going to be doing this summer.

think i've found my summer song (A)


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