Thursday, May 14, 2009

long weekend

uh not feelin the mood to write bout my week/day, sadly iv decided to give up on some people from kingsway[er not all, just if u kno me enuff, u can tell who], yessirr i guess my anger has started to overcome me, blind fucks like always. um well .. just to sum up today .. it was good to catch up with uber close old friends, thought i was eventually gonna lose them too; if i lost them, plus the people in kingsway, n him all this week, it'd be too much.. i cudn't even handle the last one. but even tho i came back.. it just feels too different, having doubts bout my future :/

on a different note: 'golden unicorn' event is comming up, the thing is.. the unicorn doesn't have a horn.. wtf?

ah fuck its hard.


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