Tuesday, May 5, 2009

marques houston; yum :9

my slack off day was fun, spent it playing pokemon, pizza, resting, some marques houston, and jamie foxx <3, just glad i had a playmate to keep me company today, gonna miss it.. gotta go back to school by 7am .. which means get ready by 6am :| like really!?? someone save me and somehow make me stay ): .. i'm hoping its worth going to the lung assosiation thing tmrw tho.. blah hours are hours. the onlyy thing that sucks the most is that ONE THING everyone has.. something they want UBERFULLY MUCH, but CAN'T get, even if they tried. somethign you KNOW your gonna care for, take care of it as if it's your life, but you cant reach for it, and all you can do is watch other people work for it(not even as much as u do) n take it so easily.. similar to that arcade game .. the one at niagra falls where u press the button to pause the blocks from moving, and it has to make a tower.. if u get to the top you get a wii or a gps system er even a psp. maaayne, i was watchin people play that game and majority reached the block RIGHT before the "mega prize thing" andd lose. i'm guessing thats my point. why is being a girl so difficult,i won't believe anyone that tries to boost me, "oh a million guys call you.. you can get whatever guy.. yadayadayada", less i've gotten this one.. but anyhow .. im trying real hard to not be mad at myself or to just brush it off like i usually would, cause CLEARLY i can't do anything which is acutally sad thinking bout it. but watever, back to square one.. time to be independent and fruck life and screw myself over the stupidesstering things, LOL i expect weeks of depression from me--gonna get through..

what to do before/by friday:
-get a victoria beckham hair cut.
-get over it.

gotta pee ..


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