Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i'm slacking off in the computer lab right now, having difficulties in my computers project that was due 34782394 years ago, i blame it onmy partner ): lol i lie.. he did as much as work as i did.. its just we didn't do any work really.. anyHOW, um so i deleted my last post cause i thought it was a bit too exposiing, haha blah seems like everyones being exposed these days.. well yesterday i came back to kingsway .. blogging through e-mail 8-) .. and yaa, took a ride with my cousin, it was good.. good bonding time, and i also got to see a few fire works that i missed on sunday.. uh yeah.. as for the other intense ish ive been thinking bout .. its just been blah for me .. starting to feel like the beginning of the year .. like i said to myself in the beginning .. if there are any signs of little interest in me.. i'd fall back and prevent myself from going through the depressive phase, and keep my feelings on the DL cause i don't see a point of letting it all out if he doesn't feel the same.., but after all we've been through these past months (its been over 6 months now :| ), its sorta difficult .. but im trying, i really am.. i don't want to be that annoying nagging girl that tries to get attention from the person she really likes.. its too elementary school for someone like me ): .. but then again my feelings are just too stuborn for me to sit still .. i need something to keep me calm, independent, and stable from all this..
when was the last time i asked for my stress to be relieved..
i miss him .. corny ..

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