Friday, May 8, 2009

high on eminem

my accomplishments this week/or the last 3 days i was at school:
- skipped work for 3 days. came once on thursday for 30 min..
- almost got an infraction from work/close to getting fired
- got the dean to hate me and nag the fuck outta me ..
- almost had my temper released
haha. amazing week it was (:


today was interesting .. it was a nice, hot day, then it rains, then it stops raining, then it rains.. blah really?? ah watever. an hour ride home just listnein to eminems new album which is PRETTY AMAZING. i am definitly sure if i could listen to him and just focus on all the songs, i'm pretty sure i can get high off of that ish (: .. anyhow, so iv decided to get another hair cut.. more like victoria beckham, NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.. i just.. i dont wanna look like im 8 years old anymore.. and i found a new game on the dsi .. i completely forgot what its called but it has a unicorn and its like the future generation of OLD SCHOOL GAMES. that made intirely no sense but it makes me feel good just saying that.. i also spent some time with an uber close friend.. another day well spent. now all i have to do is come up with a 2 min speech for tomrrow.. the fact that i pretty much was failing english ALL of last semester seems as if its impossible for me to get everythign ready by the end of tonight.. really need an interesting topic ): .. but blah watever i'll somehow figure it out.

ANYWAYS. the song beautiful by eminem is acutally making me wonder, wtf am i doing with my life??



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